Laura Rose, Bellydancer

Laura Rose is a performance artist and instructor specializing in belly dance, theater and burlesque. She grew up belly dancing under the tutilege of her mother Delilah, an internationally renowned belly dancer and visionary. She filled out her training with workshops from top belly dance stars and musicians including Suhalia Salmipour, Rachel Brice, Jill Parker, Laurel Gray, Lorraine Lafata, Carolena Nericcio, Sabura, Habib, Jeremiah Soto, Erik Brown...the list goes on. She's toured the US, Korea and Tokyo with live Middle Eastern bands such as Sirocco and House of Tarab, as well as expanded her view of belly dance with fusion and alternative music and costume sources. She views dance and the body as a performance art.

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Find out more about Laura Rose's burlesque persona, Evilyn Sin Claire, and see beautiful photos by Greg Holloway at:

laurarose is evilyn at gmail dot com

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